Let us not become
in doing good.

(Galatians 6 v. 9)

Help for children and young people who live in poverty!

Direct aid:

The donations and proceeds of the foundation are passed on immediately to the needy without any deductions.

Aid to self-help

We support aid projects which are run by real individuals- people we know and trust personally

Long-term relief of child poverty

The projects of our foundation will continue to be supported beyond our own generation.

In 2014 approximately 100.000,00€ were invested in aid – more than 1000 children and young people say thank you!

Every donation helps 100%

For 10, 00€ we can pay for 3 warm meals for a child in Germany. In other countries this amount provides even more help.
Every amount is appreciated and really helps!

We vouch for this!

Margot         and      Roland Kamm

You can find out more about our unusual foundation and the people behind it by clicking on the „projects“ and the „foundation“.

We keep you updated about our activities in alleviating child and youth poverty several times a year – just click on „news“

We are also happy to inform you personally about growth results which have been achieved due to support from our „Lebenshilfe foundation“: „contact/regular information“