Let us not become
in doing good.

(Galatians 6 v. 9)

Immediate help in acute cases of poverty!

Seite_rechts_nPassing the donations on to where it matters without deductions – quickly and targeted!

The foundation „Lebenshilfe“ is managed free-of-charge. We have no personnel costs. It is administered by volunteers. There are no deductions whatsoever!
Donations and proceeds from the foundation capital are invested in full in our aid projects.

Know for whom or what the donation goes to!

We only support aid activities if we are sure your gift fulfils its intended purpose.
We personally trust the individuals managing the local projects.

Child poverty in Germany

Every fifth child in Germany (source: Bild newspaper 16.11.2011) grows up in a family with addiction problems. These children, in particular, are affected by poverty.
There are, of course, even more cases of poor children and young people in Germany in need of help.
Our foundation helps directly by providing financial assistance for school camps, clothes, warm meals and lots more!

Worldwide help for children and young people

Speedy help in acute crises, long-term support for hospitals or schools – Your gift reaches its goal!
We keep you regularly updated about our projects fighting child poverty – see „news“.