Let us not become
in doing good.

(Galatians 6 v. 9)

The foundation „Lebenshilfe“ Margot und Roland Kamm

Reasons for the foundation „Lebenshilfe“

We belong to the generation who can remember from own experience care packets and the provision of pupils‘ meals after the Second World War.
That’s why we want to help today where similar or worse conditions reign.

We are convinced that the future of our society will be determined by the children of today.
The healthier this part of society is, the better our world will develop in the future.

We want to convey christian values – which have been proven for 2000 years –helping people to help themselves.

Who are the benefactors Roland Kamm and Margot Kamm?

Roland Kamm:

rolandkamm Born 1942. Following his apprenticeship as a tool-maker at Mahle, Stuttgart and study of precision engineering at the University ofEsslingen, he worked for the Dräger company in Lübeck.
From 1968 onwards followed 33 years of service at Kärcher , manufacturers of cleaning equipment, Winnenden. A „stroke of luck for Kärcher according to author Thomas Rupp.
n 1972 Roland Kamm was appointed to the executive board. In 1974Kamm heard about the „Theory of constraints“ (Energo-Kybernetic System), which was to form the basis for a period of uninterrupted growth.
In 1974, Kärcher had 350 employees, 12 million € turnover and an annual production of 6.000 units.

When Roland Kamm retires in 2001, he, and the company Kärcher, can look back on a successful period of business growth.
In 2001 Kärcher has a workforce of 5.500, a turnover of 1 billion € and an annual production of 5.000.0000 units.

The topic of „growth“ is still his passion today. In 2006, the book Business growth – the most natural thing on earth“ written by Roland Kamm and Herbert Witzel was published.

He shared his experience as an advisory board member for fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG, the Ziehl-Abegg AG, the Pfinder KG, the Chemowerk GmbH and the Sozialwerk der Freien Christengemeinde Bremen e.V. for long years.

Margot Kamm:

magotkammborn in 1939. gave up her own career in favour of bringing up herfamily, as her husband, a growth specialist, spends a lot of time travelling.
To this day, the family „firm“ Kamm has found her to be anexceptional manager with a big heart.

Mr and Mrs Kamm have two grown-up children and two grandchildren.